Our services range from building personal computer databases through distributed client-server architectures and ecommerce Web sites. We have an extensive track record in rescuing and leveraging legacy systems.  (Where no source code was available, we have in several instances succeeded in reverse-engineering the source code). We maintain and enhance the systems, provide a roadmap to upgrading or reengineering, and create replacement systems over time as appropriate.
  • We have established a track record of integrating new technologies with legacy systems.
  • We have consistently developed low maintenance, low downtime, and long-lasting custom software solutions that maximize our clients' return on their investment.
  • We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Ariel Software
  • We are flexible in our contract arrangements. Some contracts are fixed-fee, others are time and materials.
  • We have liberated a number of organizations from codependent relationships with programmers who have monopolized knowledge in order to attain employment security.

Current Engagements

  • Creation of business licensing system for a local city government
  • Re-architecture of 20,000 person intranet for large health care organization.  
  • Redesign of bond system for surety bond firm.  Convert from VB6 to C#.   
  • Creation of The Yard Manager™, shrink-wrapped software for the auto salvage industry. 


We contribute insight, energy, knowledge, and skill to every step of the software development process.

Client engagements start with a discovery process during which we meet with key personnel. The process continues through systems analysis and design, followed by prototyping of screens and forms and descriptions of program flow logic. This process ensures that we start a project on a solid footing. Careful monitoring of client feedback throughout the project minimizes cost and risk while providing maximum benefit. Thorough testing and training assure that the product will be user-friendly, functional, and bug-free.

Whether building new systems or upgrading old systems, we combine business acumen, technology knowledge, and good communications skills to increase your revenues, improve your customer service, and reduce your operating cost.


“The simple acquisition and implementation of the canned computer permits software was not enough to make it work for the building division.  Without the modifications performed by Ariel Software Consultants, the system did not produce the desired product and caused more work without any benefit.  Before the modifications, data entry was more difficult, staff had to be creative on how to work the system to obtain the desired output, more manual processes were used and the reports that came with the system were very limited and others were virtually useless.  The use of the consultant forced an introspective analysis of the use of the computer system for processing permits, and the permit process in general.  This analysis ultimately resulted in the development of a better and more efficient permit process with much better use of the computer system to aid the building permit process.  Despite the appearance of extra work created by the initial data entry required for use in an automated system, the creation of computerized inspection forms, review forms and the automated billing processing has enabled us to process more permits with less staff.  Tracking, improved document consistency, ability to flag parcels and permits, and reports measuring the building activity all make the automated system far superior to a manual system.” 

Brian P. Emanuel, Assistant Director of the Department of Community Preservation and Development, City of Park Ridge, IL.


"It was really a pleasure to work with you these last 6 months. Your professionalism and knowledge is exactly what was needed in order for this project to succeed! Not only were you the right company for the job, but you were the ONLY company for the job -- we delivered and identified the data, you mapped and programmatically corrected the data, our vendors inserted the data into our new systems."

Eytan Dallal, Eagle Insurance Agency

"Ariel Software developed a program used to convert information on customer accounts through scripts. It now takes minimal automated hours to change features, disconnect customers, and add/delete promotions where it used to take an entire team days to complete the same task."

Jennifer Byrd, Alltel Communications


"Ariel Software meticulously migrated our FoxPro Billing Statistics System from a DOS environment to WindowsNT. I personally consider them FoxPro gurus and highly recommend their services."

Pat Rolling, Alltel Communications


"Thanks again for the great work you did for us; it will really help us to move forward with this project."

Steve Walton, CNA Insurance


"The folks at Ariel Software want to talk to the people using the system. They are interested in our business and are able to understand our circumstances."

Mike Hendershot, Chart-Tech


"The most important strength of Ariel Software Consultants is their ability to provide a theoretical analysis of the requirements of a job and then translate these requirements into a physical database structure. If you can't do this, you're sunk from the start."

Paul Pappageorge, Pekin, Inc.


"We interviewed several consulting firms and were especially impressed with Ariel Software's 'business instinct.' They spoke to us as a business person to business person. They weren't stuck in their own way of doing things. They listened to what we needed."

Hugh Farrington, SeatonCorp




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