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Our Testimonials

We began working on a method to modernize the way we organized, maintained, and communicated our physician on-call roster at Presence Resurrection Medical Center after multiple issues arose keeping track of who was on call, and how changes to schedules were communicated. David Cowen lead a team of IT consultants who listened to our issues and concerns and were able to create a new product using existing database applications that met all our needs. The on-call schedules include more than 20 specialties. Each specialty has their own rules about how call is assigned and when call changes. The new process centralized control of the on-call roster within our Medical Staff office and allowed for changes to made to the various rosters as they were identified. It allows the call roster to be queried for a specific specialty across time as well as allows the medical center to publish a daily “who is on-call” roster that collates across all specialties and provides critical and timely information to all the hospital departments. David was key to the creation of this process and helped make its implementation a success.

Jeffrey Gordon MD MBA FACEP
Presence Resurrection Medical Center

David is one of those rare people who can bridge the gap between the needs of the business and the technology required to satisfy those needs. He's a supremely talented business analyst who has the both the theoretical background and the long practical experience necessary to distill business problems to their essence. At the same time, he is fearless in delving into the details of complex technologies and development methods to determine how best to apply them in ways that solve those essential business problems.
I've thoroughly enjoyed working with David in numerous capacities over the years and look forward to having that opportunity again in the future.

Rob Scott
Senior Software Engineer

Cygnus Software, Inc.

My name is Greg Gonzalez and I am a Senior Risk Specialist in Credit Risk Management here at FRBC.  I was recently asked to put together a SharePoint site, which for me, was a bit of a daunting task given that my exposure to SharePoint had been limited to that of a user.  While I reviewed the training materials carefully, I still ran into difficulties that prevented me from finalizing the SP.  Up against a pressing deadline, I reached out to David Cowen for help.  Mr. Cowen was outstanding!  Not only did he help me resolve the issues in an expeditious manner, but he offered suggestions that would ultimately strengthen the final product.  He also fielded my request with patience, and a genuine willingness to help.  In sum, Mr. Cowen provided service of unmatched value, and I share this unsolicited note with you for no other reason than to highlight the positive experience that I had working with Mr. Cowen.

Greg Gonzalez
Senior Risk Specialist, Credit Risk Management

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago 

David has been doing business systems projects for a long time, and has a deep understanding of not just technology, but also business side of things. I would highly recommend David for any business application development project.

Nadeem Ghias
Angel Investor

I worked with David for years at Presence Health. He produced great work and helped push us forward with challenging and thoughtful ideas and suggestions.

Terry Ziemniak
President at North Wonders

I have known and worked with and for David on various projects for several years. David exhibits the rare trait of both understanding the needs of a business and how to apply those needs practically through software architecture and development. He has impressed me with his ability to grasp new technologies and ideas, yet he doesn't push those technologies if they don't apply to get the job done. It has been a pleasure to work with and for David and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again in the future.

Robert Hurlbut
SVP, Global Information Security, Senior Manager Threat Modeling Architect and Lead at Bank of America

I wanted to take a moment to recognize David Cowen for his great work ethic and the ongoing quality of service he provides.  Over the course of several months, David and I met frequently to discuss all of the inner workings of our document review process and how each component could be translated over to the SharePoint environment.  Simply put, David was really great and easy to work with.  He was dedicated to understanding our team's design process through and through, requesting informational sessions and procedural notes when needed.  He came to our meetings with innovative ideas and recommendations for enhancements I didn't even realize were possible (the email function he suggested for our InfoPath Form was a big win for our team).  When I requested significant changes to the site design after moving forward with site construction, he quickly identified next steps and adjusted his process accordingly (this included removing the review status workflow a couple months into the project as well as adding an auto-populate function right before go-live).  He also showed that he put his customer's needs first, staying on late to work with me multiple times in order to ensure we had everything ready to go by the due date.  Time and time again he delivered.   Above all, what I appreciated most throughout the process was David's willingness to walk me through each step of the SharePoint site setup in detail.  I left our meetings understanding how and why each component of the site was being built, and feeling confident that the decisions we made were best for my team. The SharePoint site went live for our team on time.  Since then, the site has been a success, with team members expressing gratitude for the newly designed review process and its positive impact on their day-today.  David continued to check in on the team's feedback and remained forward-thinking, keeping me informed about how we can prepare the site for the Cloud integration to come. To summarize, David Cowen has exceeded expectations with the review site and I have had a wonderful experience collaborating with him. Thanks to David's work, the team will be able to fulfill its operational obligations with far more ease and transparency.  The team and I are incredibly grateful for David and the time and effort he has put toward making this idea a reality!

Kendall Gibson
Statistical Reports Analyst

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

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