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Updated: Sep 11, 2018

What causes projects to fail? In my experience, I have seen two major causes:

1) Analysis Paralysis. Too much talk, not enough action. For example, a specification is created, and time is billed to designing screens, wireframes, etc. After reviewing the initial draft design documents, a major project stakeholder recommends changes, additions, and/or deletions. New meetings are called, new specifications are created. And round and round we go in the circle game. Before you know it, the initial budget for the entire project is in jeopardy.

2) Scope Creep. This is closely related to Analysis Paralysis but it happens later in the project. For example, we were asked to build an intranet IS Recognition website for our client's IT department. Initially the site had three sections: High-Five, Bright Ideas, and Kudos. Then there was a change of stakeholders. One of the new stakeholders really loved Jib-Jabs. They asked us to either build our own Jib-Jabs and include the original Jib-Jabs videos. This greatly increased the budget and delayed the delivery time.

Well, that's our first blog. More to come.


David Cowen, President and Owner

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